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Designing for humans

From bespoke apps to beautifully-designed websites and simple, yet exquisite user interfaces, we provide the capability and passion to ensure that you have the right platform for your business so it can make a difference.

User Experience Design

Sometimes great ideas fall short at the execution. Today, users are spoilt for choice and your data should be easily accessible. If users are confronted with too many steps, the drop-off rate rises - it’s just human nature. We understand human habits and integrate this into exquisitely-designed, seamless and easy-to-navigate digital interfaces - designed to connect your user with your data in as little time as possible.

Brand Development  /  Interface Design  /  Proof of Concept  /  User Research  /  Wireframing  /  Prototyping  /  Usability & Accessibility Testing


Our development options range from enterprise solutions to cost effective low-code options. Your team, our team or offshore - we offer flexible development alternatives.

App  /  Web  /  PWA  /  System Integration  /  Umbraco  /  React  /  Flutter  /  Cordova  /  Javascript  /  .Net  /  C#  /  Cross Platform  /  Low Code  /  Knack  /  Zapier

Pick and Mix

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and that you may have the resources in place to undertake some aspects of a project yourself. However you may also need to pick out specific services to fill a gap or bring in some expertise.
Here are some of our services that you can pick from.

Scoping Requirements  /  Business and Systems Analysis  /  Workshops  /  Brand Development  /  UX Design  /  Prototyping  /  Information Architecture  /  Database Development  /  Content  /  Umbraco Upgrades  /  Offshore development


Here are some common questions that come up when considering engaging our services.

A wireframe is the basic blueprint of the navigation and layout for the website or app. In collaboration with your team we will help set out the objectives and outcomes. With these in mind our UX designer will create the wireframe, demonstrating all of the key user journeys and page/screen layouts.

A design prototype ensures a truly collaborative design process. From initial ideas and concepts to detailed design, our prototyping tool provides you with a visual of the website or app you can interact with. Once you're happy, we use this design prototype to brief our developers.

A website design and build project has many variable elements. We can create simple and elegant brochure websites within a month, or build a website that integrates with multiple 3rd party systems. A more involved project could take up to six months. We are upfront about budget and timing so there are no nasty surprises!

The main difference between a Web App and a Mobile App is that a Mobile App has to be downloaded and can often work offline, with no internet or cellular connection. Mobile Apps can often be faster as data retrieval is within the app instead of going through a server, and they have better functionality. A Web App relies on an internet connection to work and can be accessed via a browser. They tend to be quicker and easier to build, making them a cheaper option. Their code base is also easier to maintain. Still unsure? Contact us to talk through your idea and which option would suit best.

We have been building Umbraco websites for over 10 years. We have an intrinsic knowledge of both custom and templated Umbraco websites and optimising them for ultimate performance. We can make improvements and help with new features and upgrades. We're one of New Zealand's most experienced Umbraco website development companies, being one of the first to implement Umbraco websites here. 


We can help.