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NIWA / Weather App

NIWA Application


The Objective

Following the success of the NIWA Weather Website design project, NIWA engaged Hum to design their Weather Application. The app uses the same sophisticated data and API integrations, but needed a simple and intuitive design. It needed to be easy to use and carry though some of the website design while using current app components and technologies.

The Solution

Our Hum user experience designers visualised the app in our design prototype tools, and held a series of collaborative workshops with the NIWA team to solution and refine the app user interface. We worked closely with the NIWA developers through the build stage doing agile design reviews and quality assuring the app as part of the test phase. We continue to work on designing new app features and functionality as NIWA looks to improve and enhance the app on an ongoing basis. The NIWA app is available to download on both the Google Play and Apple stores.











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